A complete solution for:

Fleet Management

Developed for mobile machines and applications

Dasa Fleet 3.0 一 Maximize Your Fleet

Make your fleet reach its full capacity while saving resources. With the help of cloud based software, user friendly platform and global SIM-card combined with a powerful and wireless hardware, Dasa Fleet 3.0 is compatible for all types of mobile machines and ready to be implemented all over the world.

Ready to be customized with your logo, expression and brand.

Third Generation Fleet Management 一 Real-time, Global, Remote Monitoring and Control

Coordinate, support and update your fleet remotely from anywhere in the world.

Receive live updates regarding production, fuel consumption, tire pressure and alarms for every individual machine.

Increase utilization and maximize the capacity of the machine by identifying best practices, optimal routes and generating geofences.

Receive notifications and information with necessary measures and reminders of upcoming service. Gain unique insights of your machine usage. And handle every user by selecting the appropriate authority level.

With full support and education from Dasa.


Dasa Fleet will help your company to save resources by reducing fuel consumption, tire wear, resolving issues remotely, optimizing utilization and prolonging the lifespan of the components.

That is why Dasa Fleet wears the symbol of Dasa DCS - Digitalization, Connectivity and Sustainability. A symbol reserved for products that have taken a significant step towards a change which promotes sustainability based on a more circular economy. Read more about DCS.


With the help of Dasa Fleet a Fleet Manager has the possibility to communicate, update and coordinate the machinery in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the powerful software and hardware combined with the communication solution you will always have a stable and reliable connection.

Report and Analysis

Receive real-time updates and create reports. Use Dasa Fleet to prepare information for your R&D department, documentation for maintenance and evaluation for your drivers. Get a complete history of the machine activity and plan for future projects. Increase utilization while avoiding idle running machines.

User Handling

Systems should be user friendly. With the Dasa Fleet software user administration is easier than ever before. Select appropriate authority levels, add user roles and gain a complete oversight of all the user data. Decide who gains access to which machine, require user login and receive information about who has been using what and in which way. Easy.

Education and Support

Eventually we will all be in need of some help. No matter the challenge or issue, Dasa will be by your side throughout the entire journey that is Dasa Fleet. From consultation, demonstration, education and installation to remote support and software update. Our team will be ready to provide full support where no question is too small. Are you interested to get started? Contact us using the form further down and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

"I do not think it would have been possible to work without a tool like this today, the systems have become so complex today that you, as a manufacturer, can not make it work without these systems. We can definitely recommend Dasa's system to more people” 

Dasa Fleet 一 made by Experience, Knowledge and Quality

Our solution is built on three pillars all using the latest technology. The Software which receives and processes all the incoming data and transforms it into useful information. The wireless Communication which enables the data to travel from a machine to a computer, tablet or smart phone. The Hardware which gathers the information from the machine.

Frequently asked questions

The definition varies somewhat depending on who you are asking. At Dasa we define Fleet Management as a complete remote solution for real-time monitoring, coordinating, updating and information gathering for all types of mobile machines and applications.

There are many advantages with having a Fleet Management solution. Dasa Fleet will help your fleet to reach its full capacity and to save resources which is good for both your company and the environment. 

Thanks to the vast amount of data generated, an R&D department can identify improvements based on relevant information. With Fleet Management you will be able to monitor, plan and communicate with the fleet more efficiently.

And. Due to the increase in demand for a Fleet Management solution from potential machine buyers, both manufacturers and retailers can gain a competitive advantage when offering Dasa Fleet.

The main beneficiaries would be manufacturers, service providers, retailers, owners and operators. However, the environmental upsides would benefit all of us.

If we were to simplify, Dasa Fleet consists of software, communication solution and hardware. The Software receives and processes all the incoming data and transforms it into useful information. The wireless Communication which enables the data to travel from a machine to a computer, tablet or smart phone. The Hardware which gathers the information from the machine.

Basically all types of mobile machines such as forklifts, harvesters, forwarders, combine harvesters, wheel loaders, miners, excavators, tractors, lawn mowers, cleaning machines, trucks, cars. And also applications such as harvester heads, lifting devices, sweepers.

If something is measured in a machine you can most likely see it in your Fleet Management software. For example, production, GPS-positioning, temperature, flow, levels, alarms, tire pressure. And so on. Regardless of what is measured, all the information is stored, processed and thereafter presented in an accessible way by the Dasa Fleet software.

Dasa Fleet is so much more than what we can be present on this page. Contact us and we will tell you more.

A reasonable question. All offers are based on your individual needs. Depending on what your organization prefers, our Fleet Management is customized to ensure that the price tag reflects what, and only that, you actually order.

Of course. With the help of the software, Dasa Fleet is prepared to be customized with your logo, name and expression.

No problem. We would gladly demonstrate Dasa Fleet in person to you and your organization. Just contact us using the form below.

The main difference is that Dasa Fleet F is developed for forest machines exclusively while Dasa Fleet M is suitable for all types of mobile machines. Dasa Fleet F has a couple of additional views such as designated pages for follow up, analysis and settings of the harvester head. Based on your needs we will make sure you are offered the right solution. Contact us using the form down below.

Of course. Thanks to our plug-n-play solution, Dasa Fleet J, you will be able to gain access to the J1939 protocol of the engine using the machine service outlet. Contact us by using the form down below.

Yes. For example, you will be able to start the engine pre-heater plus generate a geofence to limit the usage in different areas.

Yes. Our mobile application is naturally compatible on both Apple and Android. There is also a web-based version of Dasa Fleet.

Yes. Dasa Fleet is compliant with the GDPR. All the traffic is encrypted while the information is stored in a high security cloud data center in Europe. Dasa also provides ready-to-sign contracts with terms and conditions for every relevant party to sign.

No. To ensure the quality of Dasa Fleet and that the solution is fully functional globally while minimizing the need for support, Dasa provides a global SIM-card product. The upside is that as a user of Dasa Fleet, you will never face any issues regarding different service providers in different regions.

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