Digitalization, Connectivity and Sustainability.

Digitalisation is today’s main driver for the ever ongoing search for increased productivity and sustainability. For Dasa that means contributing to cloud connected services which streamline and simplify work for people and companies in the forestry and mobile machinery industry. Apart from the obvious benefits of production and operation monitoring through connected applications, this also means, for example, that service and maintenance are more efficient. The service provider is able to give support without being physically present. In case physical presence is needed, the service provider is able to come fully prepared for the situation at hand.

Much of the time spent on administration has the potential to be eliminated, since this is handled automatically via our products. This gives room for a shift in focus towards sustainability. Data is a resource for analysis and insights into how processes can be streamlined, aiming to reduce negative environmental effects as well as maximizing the positive ones. At Dasa we aim to be a positive force in the change towards sustainability based on a more circular economy.

To be clear about this we defined a symbol to stand for Digitalization, Connectivity and Sustainability, Dasa DCS. We reserve this symbol for products that have taken a significant step towards this mission thanks to these three entities in combination. When the DCS symbol appears on a product, it’s a statement saying that this is not just a product, it’s part of something bigger.

A good example of a smart DCS product is our latest release, the Dasa Wireless 1. It’s a world-first wireless system for advanced bucking that by itself offers great productivity features but connected to a complete DCS system it is a vital cog in a contemporary way to handle forestry and mobile machinery. All the smart solutions available in our third generation Fleet Management services are equally good examples.

Welcome to Dasa’s world of Digitalization, Connectivity and Sustainability.

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