Dasa H50 Training 1
Product Training

H50 Training for technicians and instructors

About Dasa H50 Training 1 (8011-H50-T1)

The course provides knowledge on how to install and start up a Dasa H50 system. The course also provides knowledge about the functions of the bucking system and prepare the participants so that they can support and educate others.

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Software installation
Software upgrade
Hardware review
System status/diagnostics, checking input and output signals
Harvester head settings
Bucking - 2 levels of "priority bucking"
Calibration, manually and computer caliper
Online Help

6 hour course

Course participants need:
Software Dasa H50 Desktop
It is an advantage (but not necessary) if the course participants bring their own examples of bucking instructions (on "paper")
The Dasa H50 User Manual
The training can be held in Swedish or English

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