If it's not even there, it cannot break.

Introducing the Dasa Wireless 1 – a world-first wireless system for advanced bucking.

In a world full of cords, cables and wires, life without them is still mainly a vision. That, however, shouldn’t stop us from moving in the wireless direction. The fact is that if there isn’t even a cable to begin with, then obviously the risk for entanglement or breakdown is eliminated. The Dasa Wireless 1 is one vital step towards forestry without cables.

Increased uptime.
We are proud to present the world’s first wireless system for advanced bucking. Hassle-free as in you will never have to worry about broken data cables again – which of course means increased uptime. 

Wireless communication.
Branches and constant movements will not be a problem, since the wireless unit is mounted in the head. Replacing the cables with a high-speed, reliable wireless connection means communication between the operator and the bucking unit isn’t sensitive to physical circumstances. 

Total freedom.

This gives you total freedom to move the crane or boom and rotate the head without any risk of communication failure. The Dasa Wireless 1 is flexible – and designed to fit all types of carrier machines. Mounting and changing the harvester head is also quicker and more straightforward. 

Units in the Dasa Wireless 1 system.


Software options: 

Computer options: 

The extremely rugged antenna

Dasa’s purpose built antenna is specially designed for forest operations in order to be robust, waterproof and shock resistant. The same antenna type is used both on the processing head as well as on the carrier. This minimizes the number of spare parts.

Key Features

  • Increased uptime.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Quick to change harvester head.
  • Few parts in the system.
  • Fits all carrier machines.
  • No need to use expensive swivels for data communication.
  • No communication cable over the crane.
  • Fast response times.
  • Can be combined with several computer options.

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